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Rhino Carbon Filters

Rhino carbon filters are design to effectively reduce grow room odours.
Sales price £55.00

Rhino carbon filters are filled with high quality Australian mined RC412 carbon.

A 30mm carbon bed is tightly packed into the airflow cylinder which makes it a highly effective at attracting and absolving the air of pollutants.

The smaller bed depth of carbon to that of the Pro filter makes it an even easier filter to handle and manage for the novice grower.

As it has the most effective carbon integrated into the filter the Rhino carbon filter will last significantly longer than other filters on the market aimed at the hobby grower.

Features of Rhino Carbon Filters:

  • Fully reversible neck – prolongs lifespan
  • Australian mined RC412 carbon: the purest activated carbon on the market
  • 30mm carbon bed
  • 9-12 month lifespan

Rhino Carbon Filters are available in the following sizes:

  • 100mm x 300mm
  • 125mm x 300mm
  • 150mm x 300mm
  • 150mm x 600mm
  • 200mm x 400mm
  • 200mm x 600mm
  • 250mm x 600mm
  • 250mm x 1000mm
  • 315mm x 600mm
  • 315mm x 1000mm


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