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Ventilation, Fans and Filters

SMS Twin Fan Speed Controller 4.5A

SMS Twin Speed fan controller to maintain steady flow of ...

Sales price: £120.00

SMS Smart Fan Contoller

SMS Smart controller for controlling fan airflow.

Sales price: £75.00

Gorilla Box Acoustic Fans

Quiet and compact acoustic grow room fans.

Sales price: £179.99

Vents TT Inline Fan Range

Super strong airflow, plastic, high pressure low noise fan.

Sales price: £39.98

Red Scorpion Carbon Filters

Red Scorpion carbon filters are manufactured using the ...

Sales price: £45.00

Rhino Carbon Filters

Rhino carbon filters are design to effectively reduce grow ...

Sales price: £55.00

Aluminium Acoustic Ducting

Acoustic, insulated aluminium foil, flexible ducting for ...

Sales price: £30.00