Advanced Carboload

The first carbohydrate boosting formula developed specifically for plants.
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The high intensity conditions of an indoor garden can be likened to a gymnasium. If you want your plants to really put on “muscle mass” then you need to give them the five different carbohydrate forms that Carboload provides in order for them to reach peak performance.

Carboload is suitable for any system and any media.

Available as liquid or powder.

Powder: Dilute 1g per 2 litres of clean water.

Liquid: Dilute 2ml per litre of clean water.

For best results use throughout the flowering cycle.


These compounds become part of your plant tissues. As your plants age, they accumulate excess nutrient salts and other substances that decrease the quality and value of your endproduct. At times, this accumulation is visible as overfertilization or other crop failures.

More often, it is an unseen burden that infiltrates your crops from the inside out. This insidious burden causes crops that have offensive taste and odor; crops that burn with black ash or are hard to keep lit; and crops that irritate and damage your respiratory system, causing coughing and other health issues. Can you recall a time when you almost coughed your lungs out? It was polluted crops that did it.

NOT ALL FLUSHES ARE CREATED EQUAL Many growers try "flushing" their crops or they use all-organic nutrients to deal with accumulated salts that affect finished crop quality. Unfortunately, most forms of flushing, or the use of all-organic fertilizers, does not purge crops of harsh residues. For one thing, the most common way that growers flush their crops is by giving their crops water that has no nutrients in it. But this doesn't fully cleanse your crops. It only starves your plants so they lose vigorous floral growth and resin percentages just before harvest. Other growers use flushing formulas that generally consist of a few chemicals that sometimes have the ability to pull a limited amount of residues out of your plants. These primitive flush formulas remove plant nutrition, resulting in smaller harvests and decreased harvest potency. Not only that, but they don't provide the full-spectrum, value-enhancing cleanse you're looking for.

Truth be told, the stuff that stores in your plants comes from fertilizers, water, and the atmosphere, and organic fertilizer has no crop-cleansing properties in and of itself. Fortunately, there's a better way to ensure that your harvests are crystal-pure.


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