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NFT Hydroponic System

NFT Hydroponic grow system.
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NFT plants are fed constantly. Whatever the plants don’t use drains-off, combine this with the fact that the roots have constant access to oxygen (because very little medium is used) and you get plants that are never short of what they need.

Greater take up of water and nutrients – Because plants in NFT have constant access to nutrient solution they take up much more water and nutrients than plants fed a few times per day. The more water and nutrients a plant can take-up the better the yield it will produce.

Never underfed or underwatered – plants are never waiting for you to feed or water them.

This means that the plants are productive (growing) all the time.

Unrestricted access to oxygen – in NFT there is very little medium so the roots always have access to oxygen, essential for fast growth.

Over-watering – any water not needed by the plant drains away. So there’s no water-logging so no restriction of the plant’s access to oxygen.

No nutrient build-up – any nutrients not needed drain back into the tank, so there’s no build-up of potentially damaging nutrient salts.

Reduced chance of disease – There’s no soil in NFT so you won’t have to worry about soil-borne diseases

GT 205          695mm x 385mm x 185mm
GT 424          1010mm x 485mm x 205mm
GT 604          1525mm x 485mm x 190mm
GT 901          2110mm x 530mm x 215mm
GT 100          1200mm x 1060mm x 215mm


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