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Autopot Growing Systems

Autopot growing systems available in 1 or 2 pots.
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Autopots are available in 1 pot growing systems and a 2 pot growing system

The 1 pot system is a single pot system. The system comes supplied with a tray that accommodates a 15 ltr pot, a Matrix disc that it placed inside the pot; the Matrix disc is used to prevent soil/compost from leaving the pot and a Root Control Disc that is placed under the pot in the tray cavity, gold face up. The Root Control Disc or RCD will prevent roots from leaving the pot and discourage them from heading towards the AQUAvalve, an AQUAvalve which controls the water supply and 1.5 meters of 4mm pipe that supplies the water to the system are also supplied.

The 2 pot system comes with a tray that accomodates 2 x 8.5 ltr pots, Matrix discs, Root control disc, aquavalve and 1.5 meters of 4mm pipe.


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