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Grow Media

CANNA Aqua Clay Pebbles 45L Bag

CANNA Aqua Clay Pebbles the ideal growing substrate.

Sales price: £14.99

House and Garden Bat Special

A premium mix of black peat, white peat, perlite, lime and ...

Sales price: £13.00

BioBizz Light-Mix 50L

Light·Mix® is the ideal substrate for organic growers who ...

Sales price: £10.00

BioBizz All-Mix 50L

Bio-Bizz All-Mix, developed to be the best potting soil for ...

Sales price: £13.00

CANNA Coco 50L

CANNA Coco, a natural plant growing media.

Sales price: £10.00

Gold Label Hydro/Coco 60/40

Supreme mix of 60% clay pebbles and 40% coco.

Sales price: £13.99

PLANT!T Perlite 10L Bag

PLANT!T Perlite to loosen and aerate soil to encourage root ...

Sales price: £5.00

Rockwool Starter Cubes 1 Inch

1" Rockwool cubes, ideal for raising seeds and cuttings.

Sales price: £9.00

Rockwool Starter Cubes 1/2 Inch

1/2" Rockwool cubes, ideal for raising seeds and ...

Sales price: £8.99

Rockwool 1M Slabs

Rockwool slabs are ideal for drip irrigation systems such ...

Sales price: £3.50

Rockwool 3" Cubes

Rockwool cubes. Available with large or small holes.

Sales price: £3.50

Rockwool 4" Cubes

Rockwool 4" cubes.

Sales price: £3.50

PLANT!T Vermiculite 10L Bag

PLANT!T Vermiculite retains moisture and conditions soil.

Sales price: £5.99